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2016 is sligtly coming to an end but we still got some shows for you. first of all our double feature on november 18th/19th at Tegtmeyer in Brunswick. On friday we perform a tribute show with songs from Anihilator to Pantera in our unique style. Saturday night we provoke some good friendly violent fun with the Headshot top 15 soundtrack to backyard fighting. Finally we have our interoffice christmas party on december 10th on hamburgs reeperbahn.


An interview with Till and Olaf by Nima from Netherlands E-Zine "Lords of Metal" is online now!


rockhardIn germanys ROCK HARD magazine you can find an interview with Olaf, guitarrist from HEADSHOT. Subsrcibed online users can read (german) the full article here.


reviews for our actual album SYNCHRONICITY can be read here.

lords of metal

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