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liveBeneath all trends HEADSHOT celebrate their pure and heavy thrash metal und combine the music of the eighties with the sound of the new decade. Their music is rooted in the good old bay area but even sounds fresh and modern always supported with a fat groove.

With new frontwoman Daniela on microphone HEADSHOT released their 5th album in 2011 and managed to set new standards

An may 20th 2011 they released their new record. A new milestones in the bands history. A superfat and powerful piece of thrash. With this record HEADSHOT reached a new level of thrash metal. So check it and listen! Actually the record was re-released (march 28th 2015) on Kernkraftritter Records.


Daniela Karrer:
Olaf Danneberg:
Henrik Osterloh:
Max Hunger:
Till Hartmann:
Lead Vocals
Lead- & Rhythm Guitar
Lead- & Rhythm Guitar